Maldaimonic Game UX

Maldaimonic player orientations and experiences are all about having fun being bad without harming others.


Revealing everyday deception

Dark patterns and deceptive designs (DPs) are elements of the user interface that trick people. We are all deceptible.


Malicious delight

Maldaimonic game user experiences characterize meaningful play that has an evil, but not intentionally harmful, bent.


Trust and reliance in AI-based systems

The AI we use on a daily basis needs to be explainable, and those explanations need to be trustworthy and reliable.


Dark Patterns and Deceptive Design

Exploring dark patterns, deceptive interactions, and persuasive interfaces in Japan and elsewhere.


Trust in AI

What factors affect trust and reliance in AI-based agents, systems, and environments? Exploring layperson and expert perspectives.


ELEMI: Exoskeleton for the Mind

Exploring whether and how a metacognitive agent can help us grapple with misinformation on social media.