Dr. Katie Seaborn is an Associate Professor in the Department of Industrial Engineering and Economics (IEE), Associate Faculty Member in the Engineering Sciences and Design (ESD) program, and Director of the Aspirational Computing Lab (established 2020) at Tokyo Institute of Technology (Tokyo Tech).

Before academia, Dr. Seaborn worked in the public and private sectors as an interaction designer, user experience developer, and web programmer in Canada and the UK.

Positions held and selected history:

Selected community service:

Currently teaching:

  • SPRING FY23 Computers in Japanese Society and Beyond・日本社会におけるコンピュータとその後, International Center・国際センター, Keio University
  • YEARLY in Q3 IEE.C306: Prototyping UX・ユーザーエクスペリエンスのプロトタイピング, Undergraduate, IEE, Tokyo Tech
  • YEARLY in Q4 IEE.D435: Computers in Society・社会とコンピュータ, Graduate, IEE, Tokyo Tech
  • YEARLY in Q4 IEE.C534: Human-Agent Interaction・ューマン・エージェント・インタラクション, Graduate, IEE, Tokyo Tech